For Frustrated Ladies Who Are Seeing the Scale Creep Up No Matter How Much You Diet and Exercise...

Discover How 126 Ladies Started Reversing Their Menopausal Weight Gain in Only 5 Days!

And Learn the 5 Day Kickstart + 30 Day Protocol That Lets You Eat Carbs, Enjoy Life and Lose Weight.

You Cannot Miss This Opportunity If:

✨ Your scale is creeping up no matter how hard you diet and exercise

✨ Your clothing is getting tighter around your waist, butt and thighs

✨ A good night's sleep is hard to come by and you are always exhausted

✨ Your mood swings and anxiety are a constant rollercoaster of emotions

✨ Your motivation is going down the toilet and you know something has got to change ASAP - You have to make a change!

Outcomes You Can Count On:

✨ Lose 5-10+ Pounds and Feel the Inches Burn Off

✨ Sleep Better and Feel More Relaxed!

✨ Enjoy More Energy

✨ Experience Less Stress and Diet Confusion

✨ Watch as Your Food Cravings Subside

✨ Feel a New Sense of Confidence

✨ Be More in the Know and In Tune Your Body

What is Included in the Menopausal Reboot?

90 Minute Live Workshop: $250 value

30 Day Nutrition Plan: $500 value

5 Day Kickstart Cleanse: $47 value

Nutrition & Anxiety Bonus: $125 value

Bonus Hormones Seminar: $125 value

Personal Hormones Quiz: $97 value

Total Value: $1,144

Your Low Cost: $127

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ONLY $127

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50% OFF 4 Week Weight Lifting Program - One time Offer! ($50)

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✨ What Do I Get in the Menopausal Reboot?

Immediately upon signing up, you will have access to a Sample Menopausal Meal Plan and Snack Guide if you haven't snagged it already, along with a workout I taught live specifically for Menopausal Women in Reboot, and You also get immediate access to my BEST TOOL for Quick Weight Loss - My 5 Day Kickstart Cleanse Plan A (lose 5 pounds in 5 days!)

The Main Event is the 90 Minute Presentation and Q&A on what is happening with your hormone changes during the various stages of Menopause. I explain the 6 stages of reboot and why skipping steps will leave you with NO RESULTS. I will give you my 30 day Detailed Protocol and the Space to See this Thing Through!

✨ Do I Get Lifetime Access if I can't Start Right Away?

Yes, You will have lifetime access to the resources and Masterclass Replay!

✨ Wouldn't Hormone Replacement Therapy Be Easier?

Not necessarily. Hormone Replacement Therapy can not only be expensive, but it is not guaranteed to work. It may also result in unpredictable and unfavorable side effects.

Wouldn't it be helpful to at least have a knowledge behind what is happening in your body and understand the natural approach that you can control and try before committing to hormone replacement?

✨ What if I Don't Lose 5+ Pounds?

If you show up to the Masterclass, Complete the 5 Day Kickstart Cleanse and 30 Day Protocol and Truly Gave Your 100% and did not Lose 5 Pounds or Learn Anything, I will either give you a FREE Private Coaching Session with me, or give you your money back and direct you to your doctor for help.

✨ Will a 90 Minute Masterclass Really Help Me?

Yes! I have 100% Confidence that you will be learning NEW information that will help you make great decisions about your Menopausal Health and Fitness Journey. This is also way more than a one-hour class, it is a 35 day journey to success in rebooting your metabolism!

✨ What if I have Really Personal Questions?

I am always happy to have a private conversation with you if you have questions that you would rather keep private between you and me. You are welcome to book a FREE Game Plan Call with me at


This is a great read...

My name is Gracie, I am 54 and like many of you I struggled with menopause and weight gain. 

Did you notice that I said “struggled”? 

My first conversation with Jill Ortiz was almost 2 years ago and I can honestly say that conversation changed my life. It was during that conversation that I felt HEARD! And to me that was HUGE! During our conversation we talked about menopause, the weight gain I was experiencing & how I also was exercising and not losing weight.

Sound familiar?  It was at that point our discussion turned to Jill’s Menopausal Reboot program.

Little did I know this program would be the start of a new healthier life for me. I was so confused & frustrated about this whole menopause life I was living.

The thing about menopause is it makes you feel like you are being thrown into the unknown to fend for yourself against the ugliest monster ever! 

But I knew that with Jill in my corner, I would be successful on this new journey. 

The Menopausal Reboot Program helped me understand my body and the changes my body was going through. 

Now when I say that I have never encountered a Coach like Jill, I mean it.  After our first conversation, I knew that she was the ‘ONE” who would help me succeed. Jill is the most motivated & raw person I have ever met.  She has never left my side on this journey.  Whenever I needed encouragement, she was there to lift me, to motivate me and keep me going. 

She has helped me learn and understand that as we age, we need to embrace where we are on our journey & change the things we do and how we do them. 

Working with Jill, I have learned a lot about the importance of nutrition and weight training.  I learned that the decrease in estrogen and progesterone along with getting older triggers metabolic changes in our bodies.  When we lose muscle mass, we burn fewer calories which is why weight training because important to us as we get older. The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn.

Learning these things really started to make things click for me and helped me realize that menopause does not have to rule my everyday life.  I can be in control! 

Jill Ortiz is a book of knowledge. She is a motivator and when I say she’s RAW, I mean she is RAW. She will tell you what you NEED to hear! She will tell you what you NEED to do to be successful. When you think you want to give up, she will be relentless and make sure you keep going.  She WILL push you to your limit and you WILL come back for more.   She IS the BEST COACH & your BIGGEST CHEERLEADER!  

In closing, remember this: you are not alone in what you’re feeling & Jill can help you make sense of it all and help you get “YOU” back.  

If you are struggling with menopause like I was, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel and Jill can help you stand in the light.  Do not let menopause continue to rule your life. The Menopausal Reboot is a great program!  

Go For It! 


More Client Wins

👇 Sign Up for the Menopausal Reboot Now 👇

(And get a special 50% off My #FitnFast Lifting Program in Checkout)


ONLY $127

Menopausal Reboot Registration
No products available
50% OFF - 4 WEEK WEIGHT LIFTING PROGRAM - One time Offer! ($50)

This 20 Minute Per Day Weight Lifting Program is the PERFECT Pairing to the Menopausal Reboot! Discounted ONE TIME from $99 to $50 with Lifetime Access, Don't Pass This One By!

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